30+ Years of Latin America Travel and Executive Entertainment Experience

Paradise Club International founder, Pru, has been traveling and delivering world-class events and entertainment to thousands of executives throughout Latin America since the 1990's, while serving as a Latin America executive at several technology companies, and in the 2000's, as chef/owner of Tucos Wine Market & Cafe, a wine-centric, farm to fork restaurant near Sacramento, as well as in his current role providing VIP valet service to the powerful, influential guests at The Men's Club in Reno, many of whom represent the top tier executives of the near by Silicon Valley.

Pru likes to spend his days utilizing his newly released, powerful, positivity-based Consciousness Computing technology, which he pioneered, to mine, develop and deliver new, positivity-based, alternate stories, scripts, experiences, connections and lifestyles in his beloved Latin American and beyond.